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Consistency from the start!

Updated: Sep 30, 2023

Signature Business Branding created a full package for Riverwalk Nutrition. The logo, business cards, print menu, order forms, wall menu, t-shirts, signage, website and photography were all designed by us. But Riverwalk went a step further and had us create 3 months of social media for them! This was a smart move for this brand-new business. Increasing their social media presence and audience from the moment they opened their doors was a big part of letting the community know who they were and what they offered with a consistent message. One of the best compliments given to the owner by people he met recently was that they had seen Riverwalks posts all over Facebook. All the brand development including the photography was prepared prior to making posts. We knew who they were as a business and who their ideal audience was going to be. The social media package worked extremely well together as it created more personalized posts that the audience could connect with. Seeing the faces of those who worked there, their space and their products allows the audience to become a part of their community. When marketing on social media, the recommendation is to post at least once a day to keep people engaged. Keep in mind that not everyone has to click the like button each time, just seeing the repetition of the posts reminds your audience that you exist and what it is you offer as they scroll through. It can be difficult for a busy business owner to keep up with this kind of demand and many businesses will choose to either hire a full-time social media manager or to do as Riverwalk did and hire us. Signature Business Branding creates a plan for batches of posts and then schedules them to post at certain times and dates.

Don't you just love out it all came together? This nutrition club has a rustic industrial vibe which serves as a neutral background for its electric-colored teas. It really makes their product pop! AND JUST WAIT UNTIL YOU TRY ONE! Immediate obsession.

Check out a few examples of our social media posts!

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