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Updated: Nov 15, 2023

Marketing Challenge Day 8: Confirmation Bias

Why is confirmation bias important in business?

In the world of business, we often hear that "validation" is a concept used negatively, associated with seeking external approval or reassurance. But let's flip that script because the reality is, validation plays a crucial role in building genuine connections and growing your brand. When you speak directly to the hearts of your ideal audience and they start nodding along in agreement with you, magic happens. It's more than just a nod; it's a nod of approval, of affirmation, of validation.

Today's Marketing Challenge!!

Today's Marketing Challenge is to use the art of confirmation bias as a positive influence for your audience and customer base! How can you positively validate your consumers? How can you connect with them? Let's dive in!

Validation: The Unsung Hero of Relatability

Think about the last time you heard someone express a thought that resonated with your own beliefs and identity. What happened? You probably felt a deep sense of connection with that person or message. In the business world, the same principle applies. When your words or offerings resonate with your audience's beliefs, identities, and values, you become more than a service provider; you become a partner.

Building Authenticity through Agreement

The simple act of validation goes a long way in establishing authenticity in your business. It's about more than just aligning your product with your audience's desires; it's about telling them, "You're right, and I get it." By acknowledging and affirming their beliefs, you build a bridge of trust, making your brand more likable and relatable.

The Art of Connecting through Validation

So, how do you turn validation into an opportunity? It's all about genuinely understanding your audience and speaking directly to their hearts. Here are a few strategies to consider:

1. Listen Actively: Truly understanding your audience's needs is the first step in validation. Actively listen to their feedback, engage in meaningful conversations, and get to know what makes them tick.

2. Affirm their Beliefs: When your audience sees you nodding along with their beliefs, you're not just selling a product; you're validating their worldviews. This affirmation is a powerful tool in building trust.

3. Provide Value: Tailor your offerings to align with their desires and needs. Show that you're not just agreeing but taking action to make their lives better.

Validation in Action: The Magic of Affirmation

When you affirm your audience's beliefs and identities as right, something remarkable happens. They start to buy into the idea that what you offer is not just valuable, but essential. Your product becomes a solution, your brand becomes a trusted companion, and your message becomes their truth. You've shifted from being a business to being a partner in their journey.


In business, validation isn't about seeking external approval; it's about creating genuine connections. When you affirm the beliefs and identities of your audience, you're not just nodding along; you're nodding towards a brighter, more authentic future. Validation is the secret ingredient to making your audience not just customers, but enthusiastic advocates and partners on your journey.

So, embrace the power of validation, affirm those beliefs, and watch your business flourish as you turn agreement into opportunity. Remember, in the world of business, validation isn't just a nod; it's the key to unlocking hearts and fostering genuine relationships that stand the test of time.

Are you ready to use confirmation bias in a positive light to grow your business?

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