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Electronic Press Kits

Feature your music package all in one place with an EPK! It serves as a professional resume for musicians. It's a great way to share your talent and your brand for venues, manages, booking agents, promoters, journalists, and fans to review your work. Signature Business Branding can put yours together today! Check out a few examples of EPK's that we have designed. You should listen to their music, I am willing to be you will want to add their songs to your playlists! Gabe is a singer, songwriter, artist, and author. His personable qualities come to life through his many outlets. His vulnerable and candid lyrics speak to the hearts of many in their joys and in their sorrows. Sophie Ann Tootelian aka “Sophie Coyote'' is a singer/ songwriter from the small mid-western town of Waddam’s Grove, Illinois. Born in a one hundred and twenty year old farm house on seven acres of land surrounded by rolling fields. She was raised on a broad range of musical influences that include Fleetwood Mac, Led Zeppelin, Nirvana, Johnny cash and many more. This open mind of influence has led to a songwriting style that is reminiscent of the raw and honest age of music; lyrically driven with interesting stories and unique twists and word-play.

This dynamic duo came together to create a sweet and sassy Christmas single the will make you feel the romance in the brisk Christmas air.

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