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Getting Noticed

Hills Heating and Mechanical recently contacted me for a consult. The owner has been working in Heating and Cooling for 15 years and he knows his stuff. I can say this with confidence because after the consult, I asked if he would fix my homes mini-split. It was such a relief to finally feel comfortable during our hot and humid summer.

Though he is an excellent HVAC technician, he had noticed that when potential customers Google search for service providers, his business was nowhere to be found. Another issue he was having was that he had done his own branding and it did not reflect his business as it actually is. He is in the same boat as many entrepreneurs. He is a skilled at what he does, but he is not a designer wasn't sure where to begin.

After a few conversations back and forth, he decided to change his business name to IconicAir HVAC. Using the information I had learned about his business, I began working on his brand first. Once the concept was prepared, our next challenge was to create a website. Though he was already on Facebook, the first thing potential customers will do before they use you, is they Google you. A functional website is a must, and it also helps teach Google how to find you once the SEO is set up.

IconicAir serves Newaygo County and the surrounding areas. While creating his site we wanted people to know that he has excellent technical skills and that he is also a personable and truly kind person. It has been wonderful to get to know Brad through this experience.

For IconicAir we decided that Facebook will be a great tool for him as well. We will be making updates to his communications so that he can connect those who are in need of his services.

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