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How to build your brand

Updated: Apr 2, 2023

Are you the owner of a business but you don't necessarily have a full brand idea? The basis of your business brand starts with the values, services, and products you have! A brand is the voice to the public before they even contact you for your services or products. The brand is the emotional response and the way people perceive your business. To step with your best foot forward is the best way to grow a business within the community!

Building a brand is more than a software or program that spits out a logo and colors. It is a foundational piece of your business. Your values are important both for your business success and for your business growth. Your brand and the best form of communication to your clients helps expedite that process by making sure your voice is heard.

Step 1: Identify your values and how those form your business, how they impact daily operations, your life, and your future brand!

Step 2:

Identify your ideal audience and how you want to communicate to them and about what! Products? Services? Prices?

Step 3:

Identify colors and shapes that help people feel the emotions you want them to feel about your business. (take a look at our color blog and shape blog!)

Step 4:

Bring it all together to get the overall vibe, look, and feel that is uniquely you and your business coming together to form a brand!

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