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Updated: Mar 6, 2023

Not every business is brick and mortar, and why should they be? The Porch Project is a beautiful new venture that inspires connection with one another. I love how this business meets us where we are spending lots of our time, on the screen and it encourages us to actually UNPLUG to enjoy special moments outdoors. Signature Business Branding was able to help Katie bring her vision to life from the beginning. We helped with brand creation including her logo, website design, and her first few weeks of social media. Now that Katie is all set up, we were able to teach her how to manage her website and social media pages. She can let her creativity flow without having to worry about recreating the wheel every time. Consistency is key! Her brand doesn't have walls that box her in, so she is free to build and expand online as she builds her following.

If you want to follow Katies wonderful blog, go to and subscribe! You can also follow her on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest!

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