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Updated: Mar 7, 2023

In 2003 the Newaygo Country Career Technical Center (NCCTC) was renamed Newaygo County Regional Educational Service Agency (NC RESA).

Winning Design

This winning logo was chosen among many entries because I paid attention to the audience.

It is important to be original, however with rebranding, you want your design to seem familiar yet fresh. You don't always want to go a completely new direction. NCCTC had a logo with an apple and when they asked for a new design for their new name, there were many fun and creative options submitted. I believe the reason this design was chosen was because I used a design that embodied familiarity for continued brand recognition. The school hadn't changed - just its name. It needed a logo that would be easily recognized by those who already knew it.

It was also important to keep this design simple. The irregular shape of the apple allowed it to have its own personality and the rounded stroke made it feel welcoming, while the font choices feel professional. The design was timeless and has aged well as it is still used today, nearly two decades later.

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