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Variations in logo design

Updated: Aug 24, 2022

Among all the reasons why you should use a professional to design your logo, one of them is because you will need different styles. Your logo won't only be used in one location. It could be on websites, on advertisements, billboards, and/or products. You need your design to be flexible yet consistent. You want it to be of high quality and appropriately designed for the many ways you will have it displayed. Nothing looks more unprofessional to your customer than a logo that is pixelated at disproportionate.

For Young & Sons Auto, I first created this fantastic vertical logo. It works very well and has multiple uses; however, this size did not look appropriate for their building sign. For their building I worked out this horizontal logo that made sense for its location. As you can see, the images, shapes and colors help the viewer to recognize that these are still the same business from a glance. If you are looking for a quality used vehicle stop into their lot located in Fremont, Michigan or checkout their website to see their most up to date listings. Find them on Facebook!

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