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To Germany and beyond... 

DeAnna, while being a Graphic Designer for Signature Business Branding, also goes to school full-time at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. She is studying Psychology with a minor in Art and Design. You may be wondering what this sponsorship is for and we don't blame you! It is for DeAnna to travel to Germany coming up in late February and going into early March of 2023 for an educational trip! Back in the midst of 2020 DeAnna had started selling stickers and as of right now she still has quite a bit of stock left. What this means is that the funds raised from every single sticker or package bought will go towards this educational adventure! 

So why Germany?

Back in January of 2022 DeAnna took an Ancestry DNA test and found out that she is 37% German! Wanting to learn more about her ancestry she started taking German language courses in college and grew to love the language along with the culture. Germany, specifically Berlin, is historic, beautiful, and filled with culture. Traveling to the other side of the globe isn't always easy on the pocket book and that's where this sponsorship takes shape. Below we break down the costs of the trip so you can see where and what your funds are going to. These have been converted from euro to USD.

1 Round Trip Ticket To Berlin Germany: $550

Hostel Stay for 7 nights: $125

Public Transportation over in Germany: $45

Food: $280

Pet Care (For DeAnna's cat while she is away): $200

Excursion/Activities: $200

Emergency fund: $200

Experience of a lifetime: Priceless

Grand Total:    $1,600

So what can you do to help?

Well the biggest thing would to be to purchase a sticker or sticker package! The prices are listed below for each type of sticker as its own product, as a package with others, or you can put multiple in your cart! We also have an option for those who aren't necessarily sticker people, but still want to help the cause! The only limit is the stock that we have!


If we got just 80 people to purchase the $20 three sticker package, that would sponsor the entirety of DeAnna's educational journey to Berlin, Germany. 


Every purchase includes postage, sticker/stickers, and a hand written thank you card from DeAnna for your help on this mission of culture, educational travel, and ancestry exploration. 

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