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Updated: Mar 7, 2023

Redeemed Roofing and Exteriors is a fantastic business, and we are so honored to have been able to collaborate with them on their logo design, branding, print ads and website design. WE ALWAYS BEGIN WITH BRANDING: Choosing fonts and colors is something that we take time to truly evaluate as we meet with our clients to better understand the message that they want their audience to receive. For Redeemed Roofing and Exterior, honesty and integrity are of key importance to them, so we chose a dark blue to help reflect that. Secondly, we chose a goldish brown to speak to their quality of work. We went a little darker with the gold to give it a more masculine feel. The nails in the "R" of the logo represent the three nails in Jesus' crucifixion as the name "Redeemed" is twofold for this business. Not only do they redeem old roofs and exteriors, but it also reflects the owner's personal story of redemption in Christ.

As you will see below - after we knew the direction with the branding, we were able to put together all the other pieces with a consistent message. When you look at it, you know it's Redeemed. Our page layout and design is very intentional and encourages the viewer into action. You might notice that there are no links at the top of the page, and this is because we didn't want the details to distract or overwhelm a potential client. Instead, we located these links at the bottom as more of a "junk drawer". Details are available for the curious client, but the intent of the page is to inform the audience of how Redeemed Roofing & Exteriors is qualified, trustworthy and able to take care of their needs. Once we have established who they are, what they offer and why they are the best choice, the audience is then given the opportunity to get a quote for their own project.

Check it out for yourself at

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