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Caring about your business.

Recently, I received a handwritten email. Okay, so it was a handwritten note saved as a PDF. It was from an Amish contractor in our community, and he was authorizing me to take over control of his website for his business. He does not have computer skills, nor does he own a computer. However, he knows that in today's world it is absolutely necessary to be visible online to attract new clients. He had paid a business out of state to create a site for his business with the promise of setting up his SEO on Google so that customers could find him. I decided to check this out for myself and went ahead and googled his business. I typed in the name and location of his business, and it was nowhere to be found. I then went directly to his website to see what his current website looked like. I was appalled. This is what the site looked like. As you can see, his logo in the top left was only partially visible. In the top right you can see that "Get a Free Estimate" is cut off. The design was felt sterile and lacked thought. The rest of the site wasn't much better. I wondered if the company just lacked the ability to make a good design, so I viewed their website as well. The examples they had of other websites were fantastic. This left me to believe that because this client was Amish and wouldn't be looking at the site himself, that they chose not to put effort into his page.

Another problem - he was paying this company monthly to manage his site. They charged him a minimum of $100 to make any changes for him and he had no access to the site himself. He was stuck. He didn't know what to do or how to do it. I was able to contact the company and get the site name switched over to another platform that I could manage. He can also manage the site himself (or in his case ask a friend to help) without any additional fee's. We are still waiting for Google confirmation, but I was able to set up his SEO for him. My team and I designed a website that reflects the hardworking and honest values of Horizontal Roof Solutions. We created page call out's which are more dynamic and easier to read. We wanted to the viewer to also recognize that the best way to contact this business is to call rather than email, so we made sure that this was seen as the first option for a visitor on the page.

After seeing that the original logo was a bit pixilated with small images, we decided to rework the logo. We kept the same elements and colors to keep it consistent. We just freshened it up a bit.

We care about each business we work with. Signature Business Branding will do our best work every time because you are important - whether you can inspect the work we do or not.

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